Having grown up on the beach my whole life I find living in the city and away from sea a struggle at times. So it's no secret that I run away from the city to the coast whenever I can. What you might not know is that my favourite time of year to scour the shores with my daughters for shells, driftwood and other treasures is when the cool weather has scared all the sun lovers away and all that is left is empty beaches for miles. The waves wash over our feet and the shock of the freezing water makes us squeal. The wind can be bitterly cold against our cheeks but we push on to see who can scavenge the best treasures from the rock pools. Once our toes and fingers are numb and our hair tangled, we retreat to the house to warm them by the fire. Here we trade our wares plundered from the sea and choose which shells are worthy of becoming a necklace.

Written by Sasha Wicker

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