Let's talk Cargo pants...

Thanks to a general obsession with Y2K fashion and big influences on the catwalk from the likes of Zimmerman, Hermes and even Valentino the trickle down effect has seen it hit the high streets hard. Before you gawk me, let me explain myself.

The 2022/23 cargo has come along way from the camo gear we bought at the disposal store. The cargo pant has evolved, and so must we. And dare I say they have been transformed into something sleek? dare I say Chic?

I'll admit I had an unconscious bias against them because...well I'm a 90's child. Born in '78. Cargos were for bush doofs and hiding contraband. Right?

Wrong. Check out our Lani Cargos. Sleek , chic and a version I am happy to have on the racks in store.

Below are a few of my favourite looks.


Written by Sasha Wicker

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