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Go Wild Duster


PREORDER - Arriving from 20th February 

An enchanted garden of earthly delights! The lush and verdant botanical print comes from the "12 Months of Flowers", a series of remarkably beautiful hand-coloured etchings from the 1700s. The prints were commissioned by famed English gardener Robert Furber, and were published as a catalogue of flowers and seeds according to season. We chose the Spring engravings for their delightfully detailed blooms, and then layered the flowers together to create a wild and wonderful print that captures the exuberance of the garden. The charming bumblebee trim comes from a museum seed catalogue from the late 1800's.

We are so excited to wear this print! It's such a joyful and abundant design that goes with almost every colour. Sometimes more is more - more flowers, more love, more everything :)

Includes removeable belt.

100% bamboo/wood viscose.

Approximate measurements: length 118cm, width

78 cm.

Model is 5'5" for reference.


boho gypsy chic artsy

Go Wild Duster